HowTo install ImageMagick PHP extension

How to install ImageMagick from YUM repository

The easiest way to install ImageMagick extension is to install it from yum repository:

1) Run “yum search imagick” command to check if ImageMagick extension is available in your repositories.

If you get the line below – ImageMagick extension is available in your repository and you can install it using “yum install” command

php-pecl-imagick.i686 : Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library

2) Run “yum install php-pecl-imagick” to install ImageMagick extension.

3) Restart Apache webserver.

HowTo install ImageMagick using PECL extension installer

If you need to install ImageMagick extension for PHP and you can not find it in your Linux distribution repository you can follow steps below to install it using PECL:

1) Install PECL if it is not installed. As root run the following command:

# yum install php-pear

2) Install compilers if they are not installed

# yum install gcc make

3) Install ImageMagick extension

# pecl install imagick

4) Enable ImageMagick extension in your PHP configuration

# echo “” > /etc/php.d/imagick.ini

5) Verify that ImageMagick extension is enabled

# php -m

If you see “imagick” in the output of the command above – it means that InageMagick extension has been successfully installed.

6) Restart Apache web server to start using ImageMagick in your application./strong

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