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Example for pagination using Zend_Paginator

You may interesting to view Zend_Paginator Full Example. Here is simple and easy understand example to show you how to use Zend_Paginator. After you get search results from database, pass results to Zend_Paginator. Add following code to your controller page. Code example in view script: Create a paginator template in application/views/scripts/my_pagination_control.phtml . I have added the 3 types of pagination in following code. The defalut use one is drop down. You can simply c...

How To Create Multiple Themes Application With Zend Framework?

Zend Framework is a good choice for developers who want a well-designed, flexible PHP framework. I’ve been using PHP because of its speed and flexibility, which are weaknesses of other scripting languages. With phpBB, WordPress… or almost other PHP softwares, the users can have various themes to switch between them easily. Zend Framework does not natively support this feature but we can do it using 2 solutions. The first, as many developers have been using, is that you can use Zend_Layo...

Zend_Paginator Full Example

This is a small tutorial about How to make a pagination whit Zend Paginator so we a have an action let say listAction now let see the design list.phtml the code for p.phtml p.phtml must be in the root of the template files, main is application/views/scripts/ more information you can find here

Set up Zend Framework in windows

1. Download latest zend framework archive file, copy library\zend folders to  your project\library\zend or add include_path in php.ini include_path = ".;C:\EasyPHP\www\library" 2. Your Apache installation must have the mod_rewrite extension installed and configured. 3.You must also ensure that Apache is configured to support .htaccess files. This is usually done by changing the setting: AllowOverride None to AllowOverride All in your httpd.conf file.

Zend Framework Tutorials

Getting Started with Zend Framework 1.9 http://akrabat.com/zend-framework-tutorial/ This tutorial is intended to give an introduction to using Zend Framework to write a simple database driven application. It has been extensively rewritten for version 1.8 of the framework and takes full advantage of the Zend_Tool command line script and Zend_Application for bootstrapping. Other components used include Zend_Controller, Zend_View, Zend_Db_Table and Zend_Form. This tutorial has been tested on...