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如果你的utf-8版本discuz 7出现突发性的验证码无法显示,可能是因为在手动修改不注意导致的。 如果你直接用记事本修改,会自动在文件头部加上Unicode Singnature (BOM)。 而只要有BOM,在输出验证码图片的时候 就会出现问题。 解决办法很简单,用EditPlus或者DW修改一下文件的编码,即另存为的时候不要保留BOM就好了。

How to use the W3C Geolocation API

Introduction Imagine visiting a city for the first time. You're hungry, but don't know where the nearest restaurants are and which of them are any good. Wouldn't it be nice if some app could detect your location and provide you with a list of restaurants closest to you, along with reviews and ratings for each one? And this is not the only consideration — could it detect your location accurately, keeping in mind your privacy as well? This is where the W3C Geolocation API comes in, suppo...

iPhone App Dev with Titanium – Event Listeners

In this lesson, Dr. Rafael Hernandez will teach you how to add simple interactivity to an application through the use of an event listener. Here is the code in video, you may need it.