Learn English 2011

Online shopping is the best thing since sliced bread!
Online shopping is a new way to shop – so someone “invented/discovered/developed” this new way to shop. Many years ago people ate bread but the bread was not sliced, so they had to pull the bread apart using their hands. Then someone invented/discovered/developed a new way to make the bread easier to handle – they cut the loaf into slices of bread. That was a small invention – not the most important invention in the history of the world, but it was a smart idea. So now we say that a new idea or invention or a new way of doing something is the best idea since “sliced bread” (the idea to slice the bread).

Helli: So did you tell her the truth? Did you tell her that you hate romantic movies, sushi and shopping?
Ken: Yes, i told her.
Helli: Why do you look so down? Did she break-up with you?
Ken: No, she didn’t break-up with me. She took it pretty well actually.
Helli: Then what’s the problem?
Ken: Now she says that to be in a relationship we have to be able to compromise. So now I have to watch romantic movies and go shopping anyway. What should i do?
Helli: Make her play computer games and watch baseball with you, she’ll forget about the whole “compromise” thing in no time!

English for Surviving a Phone Conversation
Adriana: Hello! Spanish Television Network, Adriana speaking. How may i help you?
Lidia: Yes, i want to speak to Juan Sallese, please.
Adriana: I’m sorry, could you repeat that? Who would you like to speak to?
Lidia: Juan Sallese, is he there?
Adriana: Oh, yes. You want to speak to Juan. Just a minute, i’ll transfer you.
Lidia: Thank you.
Adriana: I’m sorry. Juan is not in his office. Could i take a message?
Lidia: Yes, please ask him to call Lidia Grygiel. I’m calling from Poland. My number is 44 22 138016.
Adriana: I’m sorry. Could you spell your name for me? I didn’t catch it.
Lidia: Yes, Lidia, L-I-D-I-A, Grygiel, G-R-Y-G-I-E-L.
Adriana: Thanks! And could you repeat your phone number, more slowly this time please?
Lidia: Yes, it’s 4-4-2-2-1-3-8-0-1-6.
Adriana: Thank you, i’ll ask him to call you back.
Lidia: Thank you. Goodbye.

splitting headache
Meaning: a severe headache, as if one’s head were splitting open
1. I’m sorry, I can’t. I have a splitting headache. Maybe Fred will play bridge with you. This splitting headache has been going on for hours.
2. Paolo: Hey Ken, it’s nice to see you, where are you going?
Ken: I’m going to the doctor for a check-up, i feel as sick as a dog.
Paolo: Really? What are your symptoms?
Ken: Well, i feel very tired, i have a splitting headache and a stomachache. I also feel dizzy.
Paolo: Did you eat or drink anything unusual?
Ken: Well, i ate a couple of hotdogs at the baseball game last night and i drank a few pints of beer. Oh, and i had a few pretzels and a couple of bags of peanuts and maybe a few more pints of beer.
Paolo: Hmm, i think i know why you feel ill today.
Ken: Really? What can i take to feel better?
Paolo: Well, maybe you should just take a couple of aspirin and get some sleep. And don’t eat anything else!

prompt reply
Meaning: reply at once or without delay
1. I’m looking forward to a prompt reply.
2. Thanks for your prompt reply!
3. We anticipate a prompt reply from you.

feel like
Meaning: To have an inclination or desire for: felt like going for a walk.
Jun: Hi Daren, do you feel like seeing a movie tonight?
Daren: Sounds great Jun, What do you feel like watching?
Jun: Mmm … well i don’t feel like watching a horror movie, so maybe something romantic.
Daren: That’s seems okay, but to be honest i don’t really want to watch a chick’s movie.

stay motivated
Example: I have so many questions i want to ask him about how he stays motivated when he’s already so scccessful.

start off
Meaning: Begin life, a career or existence
1. She STARTED OFF as a receptionist and ended up as the CEO.
2. He’s a soccer player. He started off his career in England and now he plays in America.

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