How to Display Alexa Traffic Rank Statistics at Your Website

Following codes will display different statistics graphs / charts on your web page.
Replace ‘yoursite’ with your ‘domain name’ to use these.

<!--Daily Traffic Rank Trend-->
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src=";"></script>
<!--Daily Traffic Rank Trend-->
<img src=";w=400&amp;h=220&amp;o=f&amp;c=1&amp;y=t&amp;b=ffffff&amp;r=1m&amp;;">
<!--Daily Reach in Percent-->
<img src=";w=400&amp;h=220&amp;o=f&amp;c=1&amp;y=r&amp;b=ffffff&amp;r=1m&amp;;">
<!--Daily Page Views-->
<img src=";w=400&amp;h=220&amp;o=f&amp;c=1&amp;y=p&amp;b=ffffff&amp;r=1m&amp;;">

Alexa traffic ranks graphs and charts for look like these:

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