How to add stock chart and quote from Yahoo

In this article, I will tell you how to display  stock chart on your homepage,  and how to access stock quotes with a 20 minute delay from the Yahoo finance service.

stock chart

It’s easy to get stock charts from Yahoo finance and display on your web. For example, this is the last three months of IBM stock:

<img src="" />

The URL also starts with a base URL and then adds a stock symbo after that.

Small chart:

1 day:
5 days:
1 year:

Big chart:

1 day:
5 days:
3 months:
6 months:
1 year:
2 years:
5 years:

Stock Quote

It is easy to download stock data from Yahoo. For example, copy and paste URL below into your browser address:

Depends on you Internet browser setting, you maybe asked to save the results into a filename call “quotes.csv” or the follow page will appear in your browser.


The URL starts with a base URL and then adds parameters and values after a question mark (?). – The default URL to get the information
‘s=’ – Append a bunch of stock symbols separated by “+” after this
& – to join the string
‘f=’ – Append a bunch of special tags after this with no spaces in between

The following are special tags provided by Yahoo finance:

a Ask a2 Average Daily Volume a5 Ask Size
b Bid b2 Ask (Real-time) b3 Bid (Real-time)
b4 Book Value b6 Bid Size c Change & Percent Change
c1 Change c3 Commission c6 Change (Real-time)
c8 After Hours Change (Real-time) d Dividend/Share d1 Last Trade Date
d2 Trade Date e Earnings/Share e1 Error Indication (returned for symbol changed / invalid)
e7 EPS Estimate Current Year e8 EPS Estimate Next Year e9 EPS Estimate Next Quarter
f6 Float Shares g Day’s Low h Day’s High
j 52-week Low k 52-week High g1 Holdings Gain Percent
g3 Annualized Gain g4 Holdings Gain g5 Holdings Gain Percent (Real-time)
g6 Holdings Gain (Real-time) i More Info i5 Order Book (Real-time)
j1 Market Capitalization j3 Market Cap (Real-time) j4 EBITDA
j5 Change From 52-week Low j6 Percent Change From 52-week Low k1 Last Trade (Real-time) With Time
k2 Change Percent (Real-time) k3 Last Trade Size k4 Change From 52-week High
k5 Percebt Change From 52-week High l Last Trade (With Time) l1 Last Trade (Price Only)
l2 High Limit l3 Low Limit m Day’s Range
m2 Day’s Range (Real-time) m3 50-day Moving Average m4 200-day Moving Average
m5 Change From 200-day Moving Average m6 Percent Change From 200-day Moving Average m7 Change From 50-day Moving Average
m8 Percent Change From 50-day Moving Average n Name n4 Notes
o Open p Previous Close p1 Price Paid
p2 Change in Percent p5 Price/Sales p6 Price/Book
q Ex-Dividend Date r P/E Ratio r1 Dividend Pay Date
r2 P/E Ratio (Real-time) r5 PEG Ratio r6 Price/EPS Estimate Current Year
r7 Price/EPS Estimate Next Year s Symbol s1 Shares Owned
s7 Short Ratio t1 Last Trade Time t6 Trade Links
t7 Ticker Trend t8 1 yr Target Price v Volume/td>
v1 Holdings Value v7 Holdings Value (Real-time)/td> w 52-week Range
w1 Day’s Value Change w4 Day’s Value Change (Real-time) x Stock Exchange
y Dividend Yield

Let’s say that you want to have the following quotes: YHOO, GOOG, GE, MSFT. You want to get the Name, Last Price, Last Traded Volume, 52-Week High. From the table above, you can find out that the special tags needed are as follow:

Name – n
Last Price- l1
Last Traded Volume – v
52-Week High – k
52-Week Low – j

All you need to do is to construct the URL with the given special tags above. The URL will looks like this:



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