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How to fix prestashop mailalert no voucher code display?

My prestashop Version I have a problem with mailalert module before, which is the Voucher code and voucher value do not display in the email 'New Order'. If you have same problem, you can fix it in a minute. Open file '/modules/mailalerts/mailalerts.php'. Find line #106 Replace it to All Done! Download Free prestashop modules here


通过使用Email验证激活的方法,可以有效的帮你阻止恶意的Spam和注册机器人的访问。 用php编写注册后Email验证激活的步骤非常简单,相信几分钟之内你就能学会。 总共需两个页面,register.php 和 verify.php 1. 用户注册表格 register.php 2. 创建用户数据表格 Users 3. 创建验证码 用户注册信息存入数据表 我们使用状态‘verify’ 来表示尚未激活的用户。 4. 发送验证码 5. 验证激活代码 verify.php 如果验证码相同,则激活用户。


FPDF FPDF 这个PHP Class允许你采用纯PHP(更确切地说就是不需要使用PDFlib)来生成PDF文件。它所具有的特点包括:可选择的unit大小,页面格式和页边距;页眉和页脚管理;自动分页;自动换行与文本自动对齐;支持JPEG与PNG图片格式;支持着色和文件超链接;支持TrueType,Type1与 encoding;支持页面压缩。 HTML2PDF HTML2PDF能够把一个HTML文本转换成一个打印机友好的PDF文件。这个PHP脚本构建在FPDF PHP脚本之上。 TCPDF TCPDF是一个用于快速生成PDF文件的PHP5函数包。TCPDF基于FPDF进行扩展和改进。支持UTF-8,Unicode,HTML和XHTML。 html2ps html2ps 能够把带有图片,复杂表格(包含rowspan/colspan) ,layer/div和css样式的HTML转换成Postscript与PDF。 html2ps对CSS2.1支持非常好,并且很好地兼容不正确的HMTL。它甚至能够转换几乎是采用CSS设计的网站如。 HTML_ToPDF...

Tracking the user’s browsing history with PHP and cookie

Here is a sample code to show how using php and cookie to tracking the user's browsing history. The code is used on a shopping website. Hope it helpful to you.

How To Find The Current URL In PHP

In your valiant conquest of the web development industry, you will notice that some scripts will require that you know the current URL the user is browsing to provide certain services. A prime example would be in user management- where we make use of query strings to keep track of users. More practical solutions may even demand that we find the current URL to display relevant ads and increase conversion rates. PHP has set forth certain global variables that makes this process painfully easy. ...

Auto post into Blogspot using php code?

The following code will help to auto post into blogspot using php code.

php5.3 and mysqlnd old authentication issue

After upgrading to php5.3, i got this problem: Here is what i found: * php 5.3 now use a native extension to use mysql : mysqlnd * my database credential was old (4 years old maybe) and still use the old mysql authentication * mysqlnd needs the new 41bytes password The problem was easy to solve: First, open '/etc/my.cnf' in Linux or 'my.ini' in Windows, if you set 'old_passwords=1' before, please delete it. Then, reset the user's password:

PHP Secret Webmaster & SEO Tools

Google Banned Google banned tool. Check to see if Google has banned a domain from showing up in its search engine results. Google Datacenter Search Google datacenter search tool. Enter a keyword or phrase, and this tool will show Google's search engine results for it from your choice of 32 Google data centers. Index Checker Index checker tool shows you how many of your site's pages are indexed in Google and Yahoo. Keyword Suggestion Tool Keyword suggestion tool gives you i...

The Princess and the Frog Movie Trailer

Release date:  Friday December 11, 2009 Official Site:

Path of the Current File in PHP

$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] The filename of the currently executing script, relative to the document root. For instance, $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] in a script at the address would be /test.php/ The __FILE__ constant contains the full path and filename of the current (i.e. included) file. If PHP is running as a command-line processor this variable contains the script name since PHP 4.3.0. Previously it was not available. $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] The query...