52 Incredibly Useful Sites: The Full List


  • GenBook: Allows clients to schedule appointments with your company
  • Huddle: Helps your workgroup manage projects, and offers online storage
  • JobSpice: Generates attractive online résumés
  • Phonebooth: Provides phone services
  • Stacks: Organizes tasks by person and project
  • TextFlow: Simplifies document collaboration
  • Yammer: Gives workgroups a private microblog
  • Zoho: Offers a large variety of cloud-based apps


  • FaxZero: Sends no-cost, ad-supported faxes
  • Foursquare: Broadcasts the locations where you and your pals “check in”
  • Meebo: Connects to multiple IM services
  • Sobees: Coordinates various social networks
  • Tatango: Distributes texts to small groups


  • Nutrition Data: Details the content of food at restaurants and in recipes
  • OpenTable: Makes reservations at restaurants

File Sharing and Storage

  • Dropbox: Gives 2GB of storage and syncs files
  • Drop.io: Creates anonymous drop boxes
  • Humyo: Provides 10GB of free storage
  • Livecage: Allows live audio and video streaming
  • Live Mesh: Syncs files and gives remote access
  • Qik: Streams video from your smartphone


  • Animoto: Assembles stunning slideshows
  • Citrify: Supplies quick photo-editing tools
  • CutMP3: Trims any song to ringtone length
  • Eventful: Lists happenings in your area
  • Grooveshark: Provides diverse music and social features in a slick interface
  • Librophile.com: Offers downloadable audiobooks
  • Pixorial: Presents easy-to-use video-editing tools


  • Bubbl.us: Offers simple mind-mapping tools
  • Evernote: Captures ideas, notes, or audio
  • LogMeIn: Gives you remote access to your PCs
  • Mint: Syncs with your financial accounts to help you monitor your budget
  • Passpack: Manages all of your online passwords
  • PearBudget: Tracks your income and spending
  • Proxify: Gives you anonymous access to regionally blocked content
  • Smart.fm: Provides free online courses
  • Speedtest.net: Assesses your Internet connection’s download and upload speeds
  • Springpad: Supplies templates for organizing your personal data
  • Stickybits: Links digital data to physical objects
  • Teux Deux: Groups your weekly tasks by date
  • Topicfire: Aggregates news in topics you choose
  • TwitPay: Lets you raise funds via Twitter
  • Wakerupper: Makes calls to rouse or remind you
  • Zip Code Lookup: Shows the right code for mail


  • Droolr: Lists the hottest gadgets
  • Filler Item Finder: Digs up useful but cheap items on Amazon for meeting the free-shipping amount
  • Measy: Gives quizzes to narrow down choices
  • RetailMeNot: Provides store coupon codes
  • TheFind: Ferrets out obscure products


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