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一个很不错的php5 面向对象 入门教程,讲解通俗易懂,循序渐进,本教程共分5章,且每一章都有一个实例。只要认真学习完这几章,相信对php面向对象编程不再陌生,再多加练习实践,用PHP对象方法完成项目不再是难事了。 http://download.csdn.net/source/2043275

Crossing to PHP5

Introduction In fact, PHP is the mostly widespread web-programming language. On the way to this status it has passed many stages from simple web-programming language with many drawbacks (PHP3) to the fast, powerful and distensible as it is nowadays (PHP4). It’s also very pleasant that PHP keeps developing staying at the same time easy for beginners and offering more abilities for more experienced developers. Expecting release of PHP5 a lot of information about innovations in PHP 5 appears inclu...