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Ninja Assassin Movie Trailer

Release Date: Wednesday November 25, 2009 Official Site:

Planet 51 Movie Trailer HD

release date: Friday November 20, 2009 Official Site:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Movie Trailer

release date: Friday November 20, 2009


+ plus 加号;正号 - minus 减号;负号 ± plus or minus 正负号 × is multiplied by 乘号 ÷ is divided by 除号 = is equal to 等于号 ≠ is not equal to 不等于号 ≡ is equivalent to 全等于号 ≌ is equal to or approximately equal to 等于或约等于号 ≈ is approximately equal to 约等于号 < is less than 小于号 > is more than 大于号 ≮ is not less than 不小于号 ≯ is not more than 不大于号 ≤ is less than or equal to 小于或等于号 ≥ is more than or equal to 大于或等于号 % per cent 百分之… ‰ per mill 千分之… ∞ infinity 无限大号 ∝ varies as 与…成比例 √ (square) root 平方根...

jquery display switch

Using  jquery to control css display attribute. $j(window).load(function(){ if($j('#test1').css('display') == 'none') { $j('#tab1').css('display', 'none'); $j('#tab2').css('display', 'block'); } });

How to Find and Replace Text in MySQL Database using SQL

MySQL database has a handy and simple string function REPLACE() that allows table data with the matching string (from_string) to be replaced by new string (to_string). This is useful if there is need to search and replace a text string which affects many records or rows, such as change of company name, postcode, URL or spelling mistake. The syntax of REPLACE is REPLACE(text_string, from_string, to_string) MySQL reference describes REPLACE as function that returns the string text_string wit...

Send free SMS in Canada to Bell, Fido, Rogers, Virgin, Solo, and TELUS cell phones through the Internet

Here’s a list of links where you can send free SMSs to cell phones from the different Canadian wireless providers: (Note: the recipient might get charged, of course, depending on their specific plan) * Bell Mobility * Rogers Wireless (works for Fido too) * TELUS Mobility * Solo Mobile * Koodo Mobile * SaskTel E-mail to text There are some e-mail to text services, but the recipient usually has to have signed up and paid for this service, unlike the web for...

Path of the Current File in PHP

$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] The filename of the currently executing script, relative to the document root. For instance, $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] in a script at the address would be /test.php/ The __FILE__ constant contains the full path and filename of the current (i.e. included) file. If PHP is running as a command-line processor this variable contains the script name since PHP 4.3.0. Previously it was not available. $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] The query...

Using mysql to replace word in database

Table:mt-entry subject: entry_text search:abc replace:def

Online SEO Tools – The Ultimate Collection

Ann Smarty from Search Engine Journal, recently wrote a great article reviewing all of the SEO tools out there. If you are an SEO or want to be one, I highly recommend checking it out.